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About our stud services...

At our discretion, we occasionally offer stud services to approved breeders. In order to become an approved breeder please contact us. Experience in breeding is prefered but not required. We love helping others enter the wonderful world of dog breeding!

Please note! In order to move forward on a stud service agreement, we require the following items:

  • Confirmation of vet check with statement that the dog is in good health
    Results of Hip & Ophthalmologist Evaluations
  • Brucellosis test results
  • Proof of full AKC or CKC registration
  • Copy of 3 generation pedigree

Dam must be an AKC or CKC registered Siberian Husky to qualify for services from one of our active studs.

Expectations for Dam Owners

We believe it is our responsibility to encourage and educate fellow breeders on proper litter management and ethical breeding standards. Partnering with your dam during labor and watching puppies be born is a magical event. However, it is an occurrence that bears a tremendous responsibility. No dog owner should begin to pursue the breeding of their pet(s) without first performing thorough research on what natural dog mating looks like, the specific tendencies and needs of your breed, how to care for a litter and it's mother, stages of puppy development, weaning management, etc. Unfortunately, breeding and raising puppies is not just common sense. You will risk the life and well-being of your dog and its puppies if you choose to go in blind.


Sample Stud Contract