Planned Breeding

For the love of puppies...

Pink Female 2 weeks

Below you will find our planned litters for the next year or so. Please note that the time-frame for each planned breeding is contingent upon when our females come into season and are therefore a rough estimate. To view photos of past puppies produced at our kennel, click here. Our terms and policies are listed towards the bottom of this page.

Fall 2021 -
AKC Litter

Sire: Ollie (OFA - Embark)

Dam: Misha (OFA - Embark)

Breed: Siberian Husky

Registration: Full or Limited AKC

Price: $1,600 Limited, $2,000 Full,
Guardian home - $1,200

Due Date: November 24, 2021

Take Home Date:


Waiting list:

1. Breeder

2. Nadette B.

3. David T.

4. Josh & Faye M.



Fall 2021 - AKC Litter

Sire: Calister (OFA - Embark)

Dam: Persephone

Breed: Siberian Husky

Registration: Limited AKC

Price: $1,200 Limited

Due Date: November 25, 2021


Waiting list:

1. Rebecca C.

2. Desmond R.




Winter 2021 -
AKC Litter

Sire: Tobasco (Embark)

Dam: Calypso (OFA - Embark)

Breed: Siberian Husky

Registration: Full or Limited AKC

Price: $1,600 Limited, $2,000 Full,
Guardian home - $1,200

Heat Expected: September 2021

Due Date: TBD


Waiting list:

1. Breeder

2. Trip B.

3. Matt C.




Updated 12/10/2021

Terms and Policies

From the waiting list to puppy placement and beyond!

Benny 8 weeks 2

Waiting list: Unless otherwise noted, we require a $200 deposit to secure a spot on a waiting list. Deposits count towards the overall cost of a puppy and are transferable but non-refundable.

  • Transferable: At any time before gaining possession of a puppy, a buyer may transfer their deposit to another waiting list or to another available puppy.

Choosing your puppy: We allow our wait list buyers to reserve puppies once the puppies are 2 weeks old.

Registration: Our puppies come with either full or limited AKC registration or CKC registration (see "Pet homes, show homes & breeders").

  • Full AKC registration provides a dog owner the ability to breed and/or show a dog in all AKC competitions through registration with the AKC.
  • Limited AKC registration rights allow a dog to participate in select AKC show events (i.e. agility, obedience trials) through registration with the AKC but does not provide breeding rights to the owner.
  • CKC registration rights allows the owner to register their dog with the CKC.

Pet homes, show homes & breeders: We will evaluate each individual puppy to determine their conformation potential and will use the following distinctions:

  • "Pet quality" simply refers to the dog being sold as a pet and companion only with limited AKC or CKC registration rights and a spay/neuter contract.
  • "Show quality" refers to a dog being sold as having the potential for conformation dog shows and is being sold with full AKC registration rights.
  • "Breeding stock" refers to a dog being sold for breeding purposes with full AKC registration rights.
Purple female 5 weeks 2_webpage pic

Visits: We do not allow visits to our property for the safety and well-being of our dogs and, more importantly, our family. Photos and videos of available puppies are posted regularly to our social media accounts. Additionally, meet and greets can be scheduled for those who have reserved a puppy, once their puppy has reached 6 weeks of age and has received its first round of vaccines. These occur at a neutral location so that the puppy can build confidence and feel free to explore the new relationship without feeling threatened.

For better or worse, a stranger on our property is seen by the dogs as an invasion of territory and we never want that to be someone’s first impression on their new puppy. Our job as an ethical, AKC breeder is to set you up for the best relationship possible and to provide you with the tools you need to fully benefit from the relationship you form with your new dog. This relationship requires great trust (1) between the breeder and the puppy,  (2) between the puppy and the adoptee, and, most importantly, (3) between the adoptee and the breeder.

Pick-up: Puppies are to be picked up in person, by the buyer, when the puppy is between 8-9 weeks of age. This ensures a smooth transition for the puppy and an ideal start to bonding process. The remaining cost of a puppy (listed price minus the $200 deposit) is due in cash at pick-up.

Returning a puppy: All buyers will sign an agreement which states that, should the buyer ever become unable to maintain possession of a dog purchased from Little Handsome Kennels, said dog is to be returned to Little Handsome Kennels without refund to the buyer. Our puppies are NEVER to be surrendered to a shelter, sold to a pet store, and cannot be re-homed without our direct involvement and discretion.

Interested in joining a waiting list?

Contact us! We ask all of our puppy buyers to submit a brief puppy application before joining a waiting list or placing a deposit on a puppy.