Available Puppies

Benny 4 week

Welcome to our Puppy Nursery!

Listed below you will find available puppies from our most recent litters. We utilize waiting lists for our litters which can be found on our Planned Breeding page.

The Process

Our puppies can be reserved (or chosen by a buyer) once they reach 2 weeks of age. Wait list buyers receive initial pick of available puppies.

Upon pick-up, our puppies come with a puppy care pack which includes registration paperwork, sample food, contract & bill of sale, blanket with mother's scent, collar & leash, and toys for the ride home. Puppies will be ready for pick up at 8 weeks of age.

Purebred Registration: Our puppies come with either full or limited AKC registration or CKC registration (see "Pet homes, show homes & breeders").

  • Full AKC registration provides a dog owner the ability to breed and/or show a dog in all AKC competitions through registration with the AKC.
  • Limited AKC registration rights allow a dog to participate in select AKC show events (i.e. agility, obedience trials) through registration with the AKC but does not provide breeding rights to the owner.
  • CKC registration rights allows the owner to register their dog with the CKC.

The babies have arrived!! Check below for photos of our available litters.

Updated 12/2/2021

Waiting lists for these and future litters can be viewed on our planned breeding page.

Tobasco & Calypso's
- Litter -

AKC Litter - Born December 6th, 2021

Puppy Take Home Date: Jan 30th, 2022
Price: $1,600 Limited Registration, $2,000 Full Registration


Available - Puppy 3


Full & Limited Registration


Available - Puppy 5


Full or Limited Registration

Next Steps...

If you are interested in an available puppy or in joining a waiting list for an upcoming litter, please contact us! We ask all potential puppy buyers to complete a puppy application and phone interview to ensure breed compatibility. Our goal is to place our puppies in FOREVER homes!